Photos of home and condo

Why Photos are Important When Selling Your Condo

Photographs are a very important part of marketing your Salt Lake home / condo for sale. You will be surprised at the number of buyers, who while browsing through listings on the MLS, will simply ignore homes that do not have photo's or where the photo's are of poor quality.

One of the main mistakes made by sellers and Realtor's is putting your home on the multiple listing service without photos. The reason this is such a big mistake, is that a large number of buyers subscribe to something called a hotsheet (referred to as a Dream Home Finder or Homes Via Email). This is where new home listings that meet a buyers predefined criteria are sent to the buyer via email. If your home is emailed to buyers without photos, the chances are a large number of potential buyers will simply ignore your home, thus you have missed that very important initial marketing burst. Because of this always ensure photos are available before your condo/home is listed on the MLS.

Another mistake is listing you home with only a picture of the front of the property. When a buyer views a home for sale with no internal pictures, their immediate thought is, what's wrong with the inside, it must be in really bad shape.

Don't forget when a buyer is looking for a home and they are confronted with hundreds of possible homes, they look for a mechanism to narrow their search. One of the easiest ways of doing this is to exclude homes without pictures, or with poor pictures, this is especially so in a slow market where the buyers are few and the listings are plenty.